In vino veritas

The Szent Kristóf Winery welcomes the guests with renewed look, traditional dishes and an extended wine assortment.

The original version of the current wine cellar was built back before the 1960s. The hillside slopes were used for vine growing, so the small press house saw lots of fun, must and wine every autumn for generations. During all these decades it was rebuilt and enlarged several times in line with the
ambitions, needs and financial means of the owner families. If they could talk, the old walls would speak of the many days of joy, work, sweat and sorrow-chasing that they have seen in the past 50 years or so.

Then – in an effort to preserve the flavours, fragrances and countryside feeling of the good old days –
it was opened to the public as St Christopher’s Winery and Restaurant more then 10 years ago, offering the homemade meals and products of local families and small producers.

We all know that “the only constant in life is change”, so St Christopher’s Winery and Restaurant has
been engaged in further improvements since late 2016 regarding its external appearance and range of offers.

If you are curious, just go to see how the story continues at St Christopher’s Winery and Restaurant and be a part of the legend of almost 60 years. It is a legend based on the beautiful landscape, traditional foods and good quality wines of the Balaton region, and coupled with warm-hearted hospitality.

In our pantry you can try a wide choice of 100% organic, plain, traditionally made products.


Wine tastings.
Team building trainings.
Events for families and friends.


Wine restaurant.
Cellar gallery.
Wine garden.


Petting zoo.
Our child guests’ furry and feathery favourites.


Horse carriage tours. Program with accordion music and dance. Photographer service. Transfer service.


We welcome our guests the whole year around with self-produced wines which can be tasted and purchased on the spot.

We can manage the following events, according to our clients’ individual needs.

  • Wine tastings
  • Music programs
  • Team building trainings
  • Company and family events
  • Birthday and name day parties
  • Hen and stag nights Wedding receptions