In vino veritas

Other services

Other programs and services that can be ordered all year round:

Organization of horse carriage tours:

Horse carriage tour: 0,5-1 hour for 1-10 persons
Horse carriage tour: 0,5-1 hour for over 10 persons

Program with accordion music:

3-5 hours of music – 1 person

Gypsy orchestra:

Orchestra of 3 for 3 hours of music
Orchestra of 4 for 5 hours of music

Indian Joe jazz, blues, rock guitar player:

alone: 2-3 hours of music
with + one musician: 2-3 hours of music

Folk dance program:

basic program: 1-2 couples/occasion

Photographer service:

Professional photography and filming of family, company and other events according to prior consultation.

Transfer service:

Organization of transportation by taxi, small-, medium or large sized bus according to prior consultation.